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August-Hermann-Francke Oberschule ─ School in foundation

We will start in 2024! 🎉

The AHFOberschule (secondary school (Saxony)) is to start as a christian denomination school according to GG Art. 7 (german law), with a concept that is up-to-date from the point of view of the AHFSchulverein e.V.. Many people complain that students leave school without being "prepared for life". The secondary school wants to accompany students through the decisive phase of their personal development with intensive and individual mentoring. Many practical fields of activity are to be integrated into everyday life so that they can try things out, and in a separate subject, "Christliche Lebenskunde", practical life topics are made tangible from the perspective of a biblical-Christian view of the world and people.

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The August-Hermann-Francke elementary school in Leipzig is a state-approved, christian denominational school. Here, school and after-school care are based on living christian values. A warm and friendly atmosphere is created through appreciation and acceptance, a focus on the weaker under the guidance of authentic teachers. In addition to the AHFGrundschule in Leipzig, an elementary school is also being built at Koburger Str. 62 in Markkleeberg.


Bildungs-Bau eG

The AHFSchulverein e.V. works closely with the Bildungs-Bau cooperative, which was founded specifically to support the purpose of the school and to develop educational real estate. Cooperatives offer proven and very stable structures for civic involvement. As an investor, Bildungs-Bau eG is developing the site of the former HTWK at Koburger Str. 62, enabling an extraordinary and broad commitment in the spirit of the cooperative idea: "What one person cannot achieve alone, many can". Anyone and everyone who is interested in successful schools as well as the development and preservation of established building structures in Markkleeberg is cordially invited to get involved. You will receive first-hand information and updates and contribute to the development of the Koburger Str. campus.


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